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Top 10 Endpoint Security Solutions Companies in Europe - 2022

Over the years, the growth of advanced technologies such as the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), connected devices, and others have played a crucial role in developing endpoint solutions. To meet the demand for increasing product needs across diverse industries, the key players in the market are developing advanced security solutions. The IDC study presents a five-year forecast for the European endpoint security market from the base year of 2021, detailing the projected growth for 2022–2026. The report examines the expected trends in the European endpoint security market, including growth projections for submarkets such as endpoint protection platforms, endpoint detection and response solutions, cloud workload security, physical server security, and consumer endpoint security products.

The European endpoint security industry is increasing gradually, propelled by hybrid work, growing endpoint estates, a complex threat environment, and the operational and management problems these present for security. Even as the XDR industry proliferates, EDR remains a top priority, and cloud workload security has risen sharply. Converged or unified functionality, contextual, and risk-based techniques, which endpoint security providers are implementing, should reduce the operational demands placed on security teams and allow for a more proactive approach. These developments will ensure sustained investment growth over the next five years.

This edition of Enterprise Security Magazine features “Top 10 Endpoint Security Solutions Providers in Europe - 2022” and highlights some of the key developments in the space and how companies are leveraging endpoint security solutions to boost their growth. The magazine highlights companies like 8com that constantly monitor and study cybercriminal activity to prevent its clients from being hacked by incorporating the changes that cyber security criminals and organizations follow. The magazine also features ReaQta, which presents a unique feature called Cyber Assistant, the first and the only one-shot learning system in the industry that allows enterprises to respond automatically to threats and attack incidents.

Additionally, this edition put forth thought leadership articles from Odile PANCIATICI, Blockchain Project VP, Groupe Renault and Edgar Oliveira, Head of Cyber Security, Galp, among others, who have imparted their opinions on how endpoint security solutions can help businesses to attain further innovation and growth.

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    Top Endpoint Security Solutions Companies in Europe

  • 8com offers comprehensive and sustainable cybersecurity services to businesses and public authorities in over 40 countries. By working in close cooperation with its clients, 8com is able to develop custom-made security strategies in order to effectively protect IT systems from dangerous cyberattacks

  • ReaQta, an IBM company, is a top-tiered AI Autonomous Detection & Response platform, built by an elite group of cyber security experts and AI/ML researchers. Built with advanced automated threat-hunting features, ReaQta allows organizations to eliminate the most advanced threats in real-time. As experts in AI and behavioral analysis, ReaQta's proprietary dual-AI engines provide organizations across all industries with autonomous, real-time and fully customizable endpoint security, minus the complexity. As a result of automation coupled with intuitive design, ReaQta's customers and partners benefit from performance improvements and are now able to manage and secure more endpoints without the need for highly skilled staff. For more information, visit



    One of the European cyber-security companies with the quickest growth is 7Layers. In all sectors, including enterprise, financial services, manufacturing, strategic asset, energy, legal, and many more, the company offers cyber security solutions together with managed detection and response services. The business uses technology, human-based information, internal processes, and technology to quickly identify and counter advanced persistent threats



    Absolute offers endpoint visibility and control to support self-healing endpoint security and always-connected IT asset management to safeguard gadgets, information, apps, and users both on and off the company network. Only Absolute bridges the gap between security and IT operations, giving businesses visibility they can use to defend every endpoint, fix vulnerabilities, and uphold compliance in the face of internal and external threats



    CrowdStrike, a worldwide cybersecurity company, has reinvented modern security by developing one of the most advanced cloud-native solutions for defending important areas of organisational risk such as endpoints and cloud workloads, identity, and data



    Founded by a team of former IDF intelligence officers and leading cyber researchers, Cymulate empowers companies to manage, control and optimise their cybersecurity posture against the evolving threats landscape and make advanced cybersecurity as simple as sending an e-mail



    Specialised in next-generation threat protection, FireEye is an intelligence-led security company that aims to protect customers using innovative technology and expertise from the front lines. The company is involved in the detection and prevention of major cyber attacks and provides hardware, software, and services to investigate cybersecurity attacks, protect against malicious software, and analyse IT security risks



    The 35-year-old data software security solutions, G Data, is a pioneer in the field of virus protection. They specialise in internet security and hold the pride of being one of the eldest security software solutions. Further, they secured awards in most international security tests over years and years and managed to retain their top score



    Established in 1985, Sophos has expertise in next-generation cybersecurity delivering a broad portfolio of advanced services. These services merely secure users, networks, and endpoints against ransomware, malware, exploits, phishing, and several other cyberattacks. Their services extend beyond Europe to nearly 150 countries ensuring nil effect of cyberthreats



    As the preceding year’s award-winner for endpoint security, Trellix introduces living XDR architecture that adapts at the speed of threat actors and delivers advanced cyber threat intelligence. Ensuring security and data protection, they are proficient in delivering security management, automation, and orchestration at scale