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Götz Schartner CEO, 8comGötz Schartner CEO
The widespread adoption of digital technologies in various industries has transformed business operations, automated workflows, and streamlined customer interaction processes. On the flip side, the playfield for cybercriminals has expanded multifold, with the increasing touchpoints becoming possible vulnerabilities. Needless to say, the current pace of cybercrimes will even amaze Kevin Mitnick.

A lion’s share of attacks targets well-known vulnerabilities. In addition to building a secure cybersecurity system to prevent these attacks, gaining knowledge of the hacking methods used by cybercriminals is crucial to secure the IT infrastructure. Providing a sustainable defense system, 8com constantly monitors and evaluates the IT infrastructures of its clients as well as cybercriminal activity in order to predict threats and identify vulnerabilities before exploitation. Partnering with two of the largest cyber insurance firms in Europe, who provide periodic information about cyberattacks, 8com has a credible foundation to observe the developments in the market.

With over 18 years of experience developing cybersecurity solutions and providing threat intelligence, penetration testing services, and security information and event management (SIEM) as a service, 8com is a stalwart in the industry. Understanding a client’s capabilities, the firm designs security strategies, implements and operates security technologies to complement their existing infrastructure.

“We need to know the workflows and operations of our clients to support them with their security issues. That is our foundation because otherwise we would overwhelm them with requirements,” says Götz Schartner, CEO.

Monitoring and analyzing threats 24/7, the team at 8com analyzes vulnerabilities and develops custom-made solutions for clients’ IT infrastructure. Through its security monitoring services, 8com constantly evaluates their networks and systems, adapting its services to their needs.
The firm detects the slightest deviations in business processes with first-hand knowledge of the clients’ systems. Once the threats are detected, 8com isolates the affected processes or systems while managing the breach without shutting down the entire network, allowing workflow continuation.

The benefits of the consumer-centric approach adhered to by 8com is highlighted through a recent collaboration with a medium-sized medical company. The medical firm, with 16,000 employees, hired 8com after it was hacked by a cybercriminal group that encrypted a large dataset, resulting in workflow disruptions. Conducting forensic analysis and understanding the functioning of the affected systems, 8com analyzed the breach and brought the systems back online within hours. With SIEM and EDR capabilities, the firm monitors the client’s systems 24/7 for cyberattacks and trojans that still occur every week.

We need to know the workflows and operations of our clients. We use this knowledge to provide the best and most effective security strategy for each individual client

“Based on our experience, 97 percent of cyberattacks abuse security vulnerabilities that are known and can be eliminated,” says Schartner. Theoretically, organizations could evaluate daily vulnerabilities and patch them, but due to a lack of knowledge and hesitation in implementing bespoke solutions, this does not happen. 8com, creating security awareness through training programs and seminars, enables its client’s employees to take appropriate measures to prevent cyberattacks and improve the human firewall. To eliminate the biggest weak link, the human factor, 8com ensures each professional from its team completes mandatory training for three months before handling a project.

Gaining a deep understanding of its clients’ IT systems 8com delivers software-supported detection and conducts rigorous penetration testing to harden clients’ IT infrastructure. Constantly monitoring the developments in the cyber security industry, 8com predicts threats and implements preventive measures. 8com combines its cybersecurity expertise with actionable data to provide sustainable cybersecurity solutions for today’s threats while fortifying organizations from future attacks.
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Götz Schartner CEO

8com offers comprehensive and sustainable cybersecurity services to businesses and public authorities in over 40 countries. By working in close cooperation with its clients, 8com is able to develop custom-made security strategies in order to effectively protect IT systems from dangerous cyberattacks